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Posted - 04/03/2019 08:30pm
Join us for a Community Bike Ride!

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Posted - 02/11/2019 04:02pm
The sun was shining for the Grand Opening!

If there is such a thing as a “bicycle happening,” Teen Services’ Operation Bicycle just had one!


Following the ribbon cutting on February 10th, Executive Director Becky Jo Peterson thanked everyone for coming and then turned to Adrian Palenchar, Operation Bicycle Manager, for a few words. With an enormous grin, Adrian was clearly thrilled with the event and the opportunity to share the new shop. “This has always been my dream, but no dream comes true without a lot of help from a lot of people. Operation Bicycle works because the whole community is behind it.”

To read more about the Grand Opening and enjoy some photos, click here.

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Posted - 12/14/2018 02:32pm
Rabobank donates $1,000 to Operation Bicycle


On Thursday December 13, Operation Bicycle, one of Teen Services micro businesses, received an early holiday gift. Christy Coulston, Vice President, and Socrates Vargas, Branch Manager, from the Rabobank Sonoma Valley branch office, presented a check for $1,000 to Adrian Palenchar, the manager of Operation Bicycle.

Rabobank, a longtime supporter of Teen Services, stepped forward to sponsor the Grand Opening of Operation Bicycle in its new location in Nino Marco Square on Highway 12. The Grand Opening will take place in February 2019.

For many years Rabobank has generously supported Teen Services financially and with many in kind gifts to Operation Bicycle. The bank has a history of active engagement with international bicycle racing. Also accepting the check form Rabobank are Becky Jo Peterson, Executive Director of Teen Services Sonoma, Doug Hanford and Sandy Drew from the Board of Directors.

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Posted - 11/09/2018 08:45pm
Operation Bicycle is open for business!!
Come on in and see the new digs! 207 Nino Marco Square (right on Sonoma Highway) If you visited our previous basement site, you will remember the need to duck with very entrance and exit.  No need for that now!
There will be a grand opening in January, but if you have a bike to repair, want to buy a new bike or some equipment, or interested in what Operation Bicycle is all about, then please come by! We are open  Wednesday thru Sunday 1:00 - 7:00 pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Posted - 11/03/2018 02:58pm
Operation Bicycle Moves to New Location

Operation Bicycle is opening in Vailetti Plaza! – The doors will finally be open on Wednesday, November 7th. Hours = noon to 7 pm, Wednesday thru Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. We will have a grand opening in January, sponsored by Rabobank, but we are open for business on the 7th.  Many thanks to all who helped out – especially Allen Tose and Rotary of Sonoma Valley. Come on by!

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Posted - 12/19/2017 05:16pm
Operation Bicycle combines Bike Mechanics 101 and Earn-a-Bike programs
OB_bike_class_graduates_1.jpgOn Saturday, four students from Adele Harrison participated in Operation Bicycle's first all-day, intensive bike mechanics course. Students spent over seven hours learning about the parts of the bike and tools, while fixing up their very own (used) new bikes to take home. The course combined OB's mechanics course with its earn-a-bike program.

The new class formula will be repeated the first Sunday of every month starting in February. Class is limited to four students. Email [email protected] to sign up!

Above: Anthony, Tyler, Diego, and Ryan pose with their new (used bikes). Below they are learning about the tools they would be using.



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Posted - 05/14/2017 07:48pm
Operation Bicycle visits Stuart Creek!
On May 10th, Adrian loaded up the van and headed off to a new place to explore – Stuart Creek in Glen Ellen. When they arrived, they were met by TSS board members Judy Scotchmoor and Doug Hanford plus Tony Nelson, a biologist and program manager with the Sonoma Land Trust.

Tony__Doug__and_the_teens_from_Teen_Services_Sonoma2.jpgAfter some brief introductions, Tony started off the conversation by talking about the steelhead trout that used to frequent Stuart Creek and the decision to re-route the creek in the hopes that they will return.

Doug, the landscape engineer in charge of the project, talked about the challenges his company faced, including bringing in 4-ton boulders to prevent the creek from straying from its new path.  

After a few questions from the boys, there was ample opportunity to explore the creek and perhaps the highlight was the discovery by Filemon of some tadpoles upstream. Now we will await news from Tony as he waits to see what kind of frog is inhabiting the creek!!


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Posted - 02/02/2017 07:28pm
A very satisfied customer
IMG_5295.JPG IMG_5296.JPG

One of our favorite bike projects to date! And one of our most satisfied customers, who got to see his dream bike come alive. We started with a used Marin frame that was donated and Michael had it professionally repainted. He brought it back to us and we built it up for him using a mix of new and used parts. It's a speedy, light, yet comfortable hybrid with great lines. And check out that fork! Very cool.

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Posted - 02/02/2017 07:14pm
New, clean motor-cycle

IMG_5272.JPG IMG_5273.JPG

 The newest in a fleet of motor-cycles was finished last week by Luis and Simon, who took a crusty and corroded donated bike and overhauled the entire thing. After that, the engine was installed from the box. Impressive two-week project! 

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Posted - 12/17/2016 05:37pm
Beautiful Custom Single Speed Project
bikes_1.JPGLeo Moya (with much help from his friend Esteban Torres) stripped, painted and reassembled this bike at our shop in a matter of days. It's one of the coolest looking bikes we've seen this year! Great work, guys!

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:47pm
Springs Festival


Operation Bicycle volunteers Esteban and Irving (not pictured) and staff member Simon parked 30 bikes during the festival.


Staff member Adrian partnered with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to safety check 15+ bikes for the rodeo.

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:46pm
Teens and their motor-cycles . . .

Kurtis, Luis and Francisco have all converted their bikes to gas-powered cycles totally on their own. They use them daily for school and work commutes as well as out-of-town excursions. Nice work, guys!

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:46pm
Operation Bicycle on NBC Nightly News!

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:46pm
Busy night at the market ... again!
For the third week in a row, the Sonoma Farmers Market bike valet filled to capacity! This partnership between the market, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and Teen Services Sonoma has grown steadily over the past three years and is hitting its peak. Come visit us next week! Same time, same spot. Thanks for the support. 

Market stand
Teen staff and volunteers ready for more bikes.

Ok, that's enough bikes. We're out of space!

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:46pm
Two SVHS seniors complete projects!
Martin Velazquez and Jose Napoles both presented their senior projects this week in front of judges at Sonoma Valley High School. The two became the fourth and fifth seniors to chose bicycle-related projects and work with us at Operation Bicycle. This year, both Martin and Jose chose to take bikes that had been donated, strip them down to the frame, overhaul and/or replace all parts, and then put them back together. Congrats, guys! You both showed great perseverance!!
teen with bike
Martin poses with his bike after the presentation.

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Posted - 09/28/2016 07:00am
Springs Festival


Operation Bicycle volunteers Esteban and Irving (not pictured) and staff member Simon parked 30 bikes during the festival.


Staff member Adrian partnered with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to safety check 15+ bikes for the rodeo.

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Posted - 07/21/2016 08:15pm
Scene from the Farmers Market 7/21/15

Simon, Kurtis, Norma and a wholelottabikes. 

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Posted - 07/20/2016 08:15pm
New Trailer - Thanks, Burley!

The team poses with their new trailer before leaving for the market.

After three seasons of heavy use - some might say excessive, non-recommended use - the Burley Flatbed trailer which hauls all of our bike valet and repair equipment had had enough. We emailed the good folks at Burley and asked if they would donate a replacement part. They got back to us that day and not only gave us the part to fix our old trailer, they sent us an entire new one as well! We can now evenly distribute our supplies (which include a mobile bike repair stand, box full of tools, table, three bike racks, a pump, folding chairs and valet supply box) between the two trailers. Thanks, Burley, for supporting Teen Services Sonoma's Operation Bicycle program!

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Posted - 07/19/2016 08:15pm
Updated hours: more hours!
It's market season and because we depart from the Teen Center on Tuesdays at 4:30 to park and repair bikes in the plaza, we're open Wednesdays again.

Seasonal shop hours:
Tuesdays 1-4:30
Wednesdays 1-8
Thursdays 1-8

If you need your bicycle adjusted after 4:30 on Tuesdays, come find us by the rose garden from 5-9 p.m.

Ride on!

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Posted - 07/17/2016 07:46pm
Teens out of school, getting their bikes ready for summer
working on bicycle wheel

Joel replaces an axle on the rear wheel of his BMX bike.

tightening brakes
Brayan and Brian team up to tighten some brakes.

working on wheel
TSS employee Simon replaces a spoke and trues a wheel.