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Posted - 06/12/2018 08:26pm
Chuck and Cathy Williamson Named TSS Champions
At this year’s fundraiser Cowboy Cab, Teen Services Sonoma (TSS) named Chuck and Cathy Williamson as their first annual TSS Champions.
This award will be given out each year at Cowboy Cab to members of the community who guide, support, and inspire TSS to help Sonoma Valley teens and young adults acquire work-readiness skills and experiences that empower them to succeed in a career of their choosing.

This year’s Cowboy Cab was held at Tyge Williams Cellars Barn at Cornerstone on Sunday, June 10th. Nearly 300 people gathered to learn about the expanded Ready to Work program that now includes personalized job coaching and serves more than 300 teens each year. Executive Director Cristin Felso described how TSS is now making a longer-term investment in our youth, introducing them to and preparing them for not just a job, but for a career. “We are initiating a Career Readiness tier that includes a career fair, job shadowing, industry-specific training and coaching in specific career pathways.”

Cristin introduced Chuck and Cathy as two special friends to Teen Services who always encouraged such initiatives. “I cannot even begin to enumerate the times and the ways that Chuck and Cathy have been there for us over the years – whether it be to establish our commercial kitchen at the center, offer guidance and advice, bring fresh fruits and vegetables, applaud and encourage our Ready to Work graduates, kick off our End of the Year Appeal, help with our ad campaign, the list goes on and on.  They are always there for us.”

It was a fitting end to a wonderful evening to have Chuck and Cathy put aside their cowboy hats, don a new TSS Coach hat, and pose for a picture with the teens they have supported through the years.  Chuck stated, “We are very pleased to accept this award. We can all remember our first job, and we are delighted to support Teen Services Sonoma. We are pleased with the continuing impact that TSS is having, reaching parts of the community that are increasingly in need of more support.”