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Posted - 06/06/2018 12:30pm
A typical summer day at TSS…

It was not unusual that there was a high level of energy with only a few days before our annual fundraiser – Cowboy Cab – but this day was beyond the expected.

Joellyn, TSS Administrative Assistant, was creating table numbers for Cowboy Cab. Lovin’ Oven Coordinator Carol was in the kitchen getting things ready for cooking for the homeless shelter. Six girls sat around a table set up in front of the TV screen teaching Norma, Teen Center Coordinator, how to decorate Cowboy Cab cookies.  Four new job coaches arrived to join the summer cohort who were having their first RTW workshop in the classroom. And there was a bearded dragon in our accountant’s office.



To explain the latter… Merlise, our accountant, is heading off on vacation and TSS is dragon-sitting while Merlise is away.


Just a typical day at Teen Services Sonoma!