Team Up


Working productively within a team is vital for success in nearly every industry and workplace, so teaching teamwork skills further strengthens our ready to work programs. Whereas the Ready to Work (RTW) Course focuses on the skills that a teen needs to find and secure a job, Team Up focuses on key soft skills that employers find lacking in the workforce: problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity, and communication. 

TSS staff have extensive experience in teaching team-building and problem-solving skills to teens. They have developed a set of experiential activities that incorporate both RTW and interpersonal skills. During the 26-hour course, teens will learn to become effective team players. 

Course content combines lecture, engaging exercises and group discussion interspersed with interactive icebreakers, group challenges/initiatives/games, shared experiences that require teamwork to achieve tangible goals, personal reflection time and facilitated debriefs. Through these activities, students gain:

  • an understanding of emotional intelligence, including awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • the ability to communicate effectively with others
  • an understanding of the importance of interpersonal communication for success in the workplace
  • knowledge of the components of healthy teamwork
  • an awareness of how to best contribute their personal strengths to a group process and strategies to cope with their weaknesses 
Team Up was scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2020, but has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Our thanks to the 2019/20 supporters of TEAM UP:

Rose Marie Piper Foundation
Vadasz Family Foundation
Doug Hanford
Sydney and John Randazzo
Judy Scotchmoor and Roland Gangloff
Creative Sonoma (Tree of Possibilties project)
Sonoma Plein Air Foundation (Tree of Possibilties project)