An Overview of Ready to Work


Ready to Work (RTW) is a unique multi-tiered job readiness and career exploration and preparation program open to all Sonoma Valley youth ages 14-24.

Our Vision: All Sonoma Valley teens are prepared for future opportunities.

Our Mission: Teen Services Sonoma engages and supports teens and young adults with work-readiness skills and experiences that empower them to succeed.

Our Motto: Employing Teens, Empowering Dreams

Our Approach: Ready to Work

  • Engage - Teens and young adults experience acceptance and self-worth in a safe environment with caring adults.

  • Employ - Teens participate in work-readiness, work experiences, and industry-specific training augmented by job placement services and coaching.

  • Empower - TSS teens gain the skills, experiences, and confidence to begin meaningful careers.
 Our programs include the operation of micro-businesses, work-readiness and on-the-job-training, and job placement services. Our process allows teens to gain practical experiences, helping to prepare them for meaningful careers in trades, occupations, professions, and small-business ownership.