TSS Fall 2019 Ready to Work Graduation


The smiles were plentiful and with good reason as Becky Jo Peterson, Teen Services Sonoma Executive Director, welcomed teens, family members, staff, board members and friends to celebrate the accomplishment of 48 amazing teens. The event was held Friday, October 25th at Vintage House. 

Teen Services Sonoma was delighted that both their Work Readiness classes and graduation had to be moved to larger spaces for the Fall Cohort because of the number of students taking the course this semester. Over the past five weeks, these young people diligently participated in a series of after-school workshops to learn the skills needed for securing their first jobs. They gained self-confidence; learned about the application and hiring process, money management, and customer service; completed their first resumes; and participated in interviews with local business professionals to whom we are very grateful.    



Instructor Jennifer Blackwood explained the course to the guests, and with Casey Richter TSS Program Director, congratulated the students on the skills they have learned and the confidence they have gained. With a smile on her face, Jennifer asked the students what they learned about the interview process, and they all immediately sat up straight.

Ready to Work Certificates were then handed out to each of the graduates from Sonoma Valley and Creekside High Schools to rounds of applause - followed, of course, by appetizers and cookies prepared by the Lovin' Oven - one of Teen Service's social enterprises. 

Congratulations go to: Kaya Akins, Joshua Alcaraz, Marisol Alvarez, Vince Basada, Adrian Cabrera, Vanessa Carrillo, Cross Collins, Victor Corona, Ennio Dada, Javi Dorantes, Yasmin Esper, Daphne Fedor, Agustin Fernandez, Alex Filippi, Katherine Fonseca Rodriguez, Dayana Gomez, Lupita Gutierrez, Nathan Gutierrez, Val Gutierrez, Sandra Hagstrom, Zachary Hammond, Eddy Haro, Alex Hipkiss, John Hoffman, Rosie Houghton, Diego Jaramillo, Patricia Jimenez, Tommy Long, Beatriz Lopez, Chases McNeilly, David Mendoza, Marisol Morales, Dominic Pisani, Carlos Ramirez, Alonso Robles, Alonso  Rodriguez, Ava Rowley, Prisila Ruiz, Uli Saiz-Tapia, Gabe Schaus, Max Sinclair, Spencer Spotts, Giovanni Stechman, Lucas Stevenson, Mia Sweeney, Owen Vanzant, Nataly Vargas, and Natalie Wetzel.

-- the Vintage House for providing the venue for the event
-- the Sonoma Valley and Creekside High School teachers who support the program 
-- the following businesses who interviewed our graduates: The Corner Store, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, the girl & the fig, Granton Insurance, Maranda Ranch Kennels, Nugget Market, Safeway, Silveira Chevrolet, Sonoma Golf Club, and Sonoma Gymnastics Academy. 

And our graduates looked their finest at the interviews thanks to all who contributed clothing to the Pop-up Boutique organized by Joelle Smith of SHENOMA.

For individual graduation photos, visit our 2019 Fall RTW Gallery and for other fun photos from this cohort, check out RTW in Action.