Ready to Work Courses


Work Readiness Certification

A series of five highly interactive, engaging workshops targeted for young adults are taught by industry professionals. The classes focus on preparation for the working world and cover topics ranging from general employment behavior to advanced networking skills. These workshops are a pre-requisite for participation in TSS work-based learning programs. An Employment Specialist attends every workshop and provides insight into obtaining employment, helps develop student skill sets, and works with students after the course completion to obtain employment.

Orientation and Job Skills

The first in the workshop series, this course orients the student to the full curriculum and lays out expectations. Students receive students a portfolio folder, begin creating a resume, explore personal branding, and discover what makes a good employee.

Employment and Experience

This interactive session will discuss business standards, where and how to get a job, the hiring process, job applications, and company branding. Students continue to build their resumes.


Resume/ Application Process

This workshop goes beyond the format of the resume and discusses in detail what a hiring manager or corporate recruiter is looking for, how and why to create targeted resumes, and the importance of the application process. The student develops a working resume using a resume template and practices filling out a job application.

Money Management and Interview Attire

This session examines all aspects of money management including paychecks, personal checks, taxes, and the importance of saving. Students practice creating a personal budget, discuss proper dress attire for employment, and complete their resumes.

Interview Techniques

This session engages students in the interview process - practicing what questions to ask and how to respond to questions. Students develop an interview 'cheat sheet' and practice staying poised and focused during an interview.



Sonoma Valley business professionals participate in this session, providing students with exposure to the interview process. Students receive feedback during this mock interview practice. While the intent is practice, many of the businesses have open positions and are looking for teen hires.

All teens will be assigned a coach who will help the teens complete an Action Plan for next steps in finding employment. Coaches will work with their teens through the job search and placement processes and will continue to support them for the first 90 days of employment.

The RTW Coordinator attends every workshop, helps students develop their skills sets, and works with the coaches to support students to obtain employment. 

Hospitality Courses:

ServSafe Food Handling Certification

Taught by an industry professional in a supportive classroom setting, this course uses PowerPoint and interactive activities to enhance learning. Participation in this 4- hour course greatly increases the potential of securing the certification needed to land a job in the food service industry. This is a required course for any teen/young adult applying to work with Teen Services' Lovin' Oven program.


Service Etiquette Training

This two-hour, interactive workshop helps to build confidence and teamwork skills while defining hospitality and workplace etiquette. Participants leave with the skills they need to secure employment in hospitality, catering, and fine dining. This is a required course for any teen/young adult applying to work with Teen Services' Lovin' Oven program.

Introductory Knife Skills

This two-hour, hands-on includes the following modules: From Stone to Steel, The Anatomy of a Knife, Safety and Storage, and Basic French Knife Techniques.

Past Courses:

Lead Server and Kitchen Captain Training

Taught by a professional chef, this workshop takes the participant's catering and kitchen skills to the next level by preparing them to lead a working team. Lead Server and Kitchen Captain are responsible for establishing service standards on the jobsite. Participants are taught how to motivate, encourage, and lead new staff; act as a resource to others; provide guidance to dining room staff; and delegate duties with finesse. This workshop prepares teens/young adults for a management position in any industry.

The Building Project: A Summer Vocational Welding, Blacksmithing, and Construction Pathway (with Hanna Boys Center)

Launched in the summer of 2017, the Building Project provides opportunities for youth to gain valuable skills in high-demand career pathways - specifically the construction sector.To learn more about the Building Project, click here.



Speed Networking

This is a collaborative event in partnership with Teen Services Sonoma, Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, Hanna Boys Center and Boys & Girls Club that will help you identify community business partners, understand what local employers are looking for and practice your networking skills.