An Introduction to Ready to Work


Are you looking for employees who are truly “ready to work”?  Teen Services understands your need for employees with soft skills – those who are competent, reliable, have a strong work ethic, and provide excellent customer service.

Since 1991, TSS has worked with Sonoma Valley schools, local businesses, and other youth-serving organizations to provide work-readiness skills and experiences through its Ready to Work (RTW) program.  

 “Our local businesses are hiring, and they're strong supporters of giving opportunities to teens, especially when they have work-readiness skills. Teen Services Sonoma plays a key role in preparing teens, connecting them with their first job, and ensuring a meaningful learning experience that can help them in school, career, and life.”                    Laurie Decker, Economic Vitality Partnership Manager

Sonoma Valley teens and young adults who complete our Ready to Work program have essential workplace skills and a wide variety of career interests, making them perfect candidates for your full- or part-time employment needs. There are currently 39 active employers of our teens.

By providing an employment opportunity, you are also investing in our youth and helping to develop a pipeline of employees for the future.

If you are interested in discussing an internship or a full- or part-time employment opportunity for one of our teens, please email Eric Gonzalez or call 707-939-1452.