Program Tiers


Ready to Work is a multi-tiered job readiness and career exploration program for youth ages 14-24. RTW is open to all Sonoma Valley youth, though 71% of our participants are Latino. Those starting the RTW program undergo personal intake interviews to assess needs, career interests, and determine which of the following tiers is the most appropriate entry point.

Work_Readiness_2.jpgTier one: Work Readiness

We offer both basic and advanced workshops covering the essential soft skills needed to secure employment. All “graduates” are assigned a job coach who helps identify appropriate work experience opportunities and offers continued support for the first 90 days of that experience.  Additional details...

Work_experience_1.jpgTier two: Work Experience

Work-based learning opportunities include: working in one of TSS micro-businesses (the Lovin’ Oven, or Operation Bicycle described below), paid internships, apprenticeships, volunteer work, and summer/part-time jobs.
  • Lovin' Oven - a culinary and event service program
  • Operation Bicycle - a community bike shop, providing maintenance and repair services for the general public
  • Our Employers - a list of those businesses/organizations that have employed our teens in the past three years

Career_Readiness_1.jpgTier three: Career Readiness

TSS offers additional classes in specific career fields and works with Career Coaches and community partners to develop opportunities for teens and young adults to gain real-world experiences within specific industries of their choosing.
Industry-specific Training
    Career Awareness and Coaching
    Teen Services has initiated a series of Career Awareness Nites at which teens and young adults learn first-hand about the variety of careers that are available to them.
    Career coaches meet with a group of teens and young adults to talk about industry job trends, economic outlook, college and education advising, set up tours, and networking opportunities.

Career Experience_1.jpgTier four: Career Experience

Teen Services supports teens and young adults through to full or part-time employment, assisting with job referrals, job shadowing, and placement assistance and provides additional coaching as needed.

The Ready to Work Road Map - a visual portrayal of this multi-tiered program.