Become a Job Coach


If you are interested in a short-term, long-impact investment, become a Job Coach!!

Job Coaching is an important part of the services we offer and proves to be as rewarding for the coach as it does for the teens! The coach supports their assigned teen(s) to secure employment through the RTW employer network and provides occasional job-related coaching as needed. Coaches will be provided training and tools to help make their work easy, efficient and effective.

RTW Job Coach description 

If you are interested in becoming a Job Coach, email Eric Gonzalez or call 707-939-1452.

A huge thank you to our current Job Coaches!

Barry Ansell
Human resource management, advertising
Manny Bazan
Financial advisor
Sharon Graham Burt
David Deigan
Web-based manufacturing processes
Sandy DrewNonprofit consultant
Osias Encarnacion
Chriss Fife
Information Technology
Amy Gill
Case manager, SAY
Valerie Henderson
Hewitt Jackson
Lee Ann Knuthson
Debby Kweller
Insurance industry and financial management
Marney Malik
Corporate CFO
John McCaull
Land acquisition, Sonoma Land Trust
Sydney RandazzoMarketing
Susanne Spitzer
Information systems
John Tuohy
Real estate

And to our previous Job Coaches: Glenn Arsenault, Dennis Bloch, Kathy Bloch, Kerry Cambio, Celia Canfield, Osias Encarnacion, Constance Grizzell, Lee Ann Knuthson, Jody Leeds, Jeanne Leonard, Joe Lieber, Diana Olding, Ann Reder, Elisa Stancil, Greg Stubbs, Dave Waldron, Eva Yearsley