Getting Started


There are several ways that you can explore the enjoyment and benefits of working with Sonoma Valley youth. 

Participate in Interviews

During the final (and most popular) session of our basic Work Readiness workshop, Sonoma Valley business professionals provide students with exposure to the interview process and feedback to help them improve.  

Join our Career Fair

Teens and young adults are interested in learning more about career opportunities in a variety of fields: technology, healthcare, construction, engineering, marketing and communications, environmental careers, and more. We are looking for volunteer professionals interested in sharing insights into their careers. 

Offer a Job Shadow opportunity

Invite a teen to see first-hand what a day in their dream career might be like. You can also offer advice on the next steps necessary to enter your profession.

Host a Job Tour

Teen Services arranges for on-site visits for teens and young adults interested learning more about a particular career. You can provide an inside view about your field of work by hosting a job tour.

Offer Industry-specific Training

Is there some specific training that you would like to provide for teens or young adults to increase their knowledge about your industry or to prepare them for an entry-level job?

Become a Career Coach

Career coaches meet with a group of teens and young adults to talk about industry job trends, economic outlook, college and education advising, set up tours, and networking opportunities.

Become an Employer

See how easy that was?  Final step - contact Eric Gonzalez and get started!